Sep 262014


Refining my own look is part of the ongoing process of becoming a professional stylist. I can’t say enough about the power of pictures. This week I was working on an assignment concerning fit and alterations, and finished shortening the vintage white dress; I also put different accessories with it.

I also continue to shop. Designing and costuming for theater can be very consuming; without a more solid cash flow plan, I ended up not underfunding my wardrobe but not spending all that I had allocated. Now, I am building.

Honestly, although pants are often a little too long, it had never occurred to me try petite. That is, until I started being pickier about fit and saw that not all of the whiskering I was getting was due to the thighs being too tight. But what else could it be? Turns out too long rise will also cause whiskering.

Anyway, I will be shopping this weekend. Leave a message if you find any really good sales I should hit! (I got swim separates this week at JCPenney for $2.99 each, and two clients got alot of stuff at Dress Barn.)

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  5 Responses to “Friday Fashion Lab: Maxi to Knee-Length”

  1. The dress makeover is amazing. Can you put your finger on why? Because I can’t.

    • Part of what is going on here is the hair. It really is so much better! Lol, the previous was always hard for me to style.

      The rest is a little harder to pin down: related, I think, to the apparent (and actual) weight of the lower part of the skirt, maybe the whole dress. At any rate, on me, a knee-length dress with heels is aesthetically pleasing, especially when it bypasses the waist with a gentle arc. If I wanted to wear flats with this, it would need to be above the knee.

      I am pretty tickled with it. 🙂

  2. I knew shortening that dress would be just the thing it needed. It’s lovely on you now! Great job.????

  3. BTW, that necklace is much better with it too. Just the right pop of color and just the right length.

    • I agree! I really like the necklace; I guess I am gonna have to buy it 😉

      The necklace closure is cool, too: it has two lobster claws, one on each end, so it can adjust in length. I may wear it a little shorter. 🙂

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