Sep 062014

Automating your workout wear with this simple hack could streamline your life.

In order to assure that her little girls were changing their clothes inappropriate ratios ;-), one mom told me that she packs preselected outfits -including socks and underwear – in Ziploc bags. From these, the girls select which they want to wear.

Quarterly, our gym releases new exercise schedules. I, then, select what classes and activities fit my schedule and my fitness needs at this time. Adapting the above hack, today I will package my outfits for each activity in separate bags, noting what may be missing and adding that to my shopping list.

When I had this idea, I almost took a picture for you of how tiny are lockers are down at the gym, (but I was afraid I would get a naked lady in the mirror somehow). Anyway, they are small! Having preselected outfits in Ziploc bags, instead of just whatever I think I might need in my gym bag, will save space in the locker, and in my drawer as well. And I can more easily see what I need.

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  1. I think I should do this with my kids…. It’s not uncommon for me to notice on Wednesday or Thursday that my kids are still wearing what they wore last Sunday….

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