Sep 032014

What did you do for Labor Day? Probably not what I did! After doing a closet audit on Saturday, and having some family time on Sunday, I went through my own closet yesterday, in a way I had never done before.

(Technically, I’m not sure that what I did yesterday isn’t more of an “audit” than the client closet analysis I did Saturday. What is a better term for the meeting with the client in which the stylist helps her go through her clothes, learn what is flattering, and create outfits ? I am beyond excited that I get to decide these things for myself! I think I am going to go with “closet consultation”. Or perhaps “review”. My mom suggested “therapy”!)

So, I’m going to assume that anyone who actually reads this blog can figure out the fine details of how to do this project on their own. What to do:

estimate how much you have spent on your total wardrobe, by item type

My conclusions:

  1. I have what is to be expected on the budget I have allowed myself.
  2. It is not enough.
  3. I have alot of boots. I can divert money to things like pants and tops by limiting my colors.

Even in my bare-bones budget, and with all my years of wardrobe research and development, I had, I can’t really say “wasted”, but certainly misspent enough money to pay the fee I plan on charging for this kind of service.

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  1. I suspect that people may overbuy in certain categories because those items may be easiest for them to find and fit, so it feels like the shopping trip has been successful. Or in the other direction they may conclude about certain items, Maybe *this* one will work out for me. And then are also people who find it difficult to do returns or face up to making mistakes, when it didn’t work out after all. And third category of people who thrift or sale shop and are elated that they are finding such an expensive item of good quality for practically nothing.

    I am irresistibly drawn to two categories: outerwear (particularly coats of any season) and jackets/blazers.
    Oddly, I get a lot of wear out of the outerwear section but often avoid the outfit jackets. I do purge from both categories and a triumph when I do. 😀 I understand the urge for coats: it covers everything and makes a singular statement. I don’t even like the concept of jackets! I hate the way they look from the back where, unless it is a suit or the same color as the bottom piece, it always looks choppy to me. Maybe it wouldn’t if I wore waist length toppers but I have maybe one of those. I couldn’t even count up the number of jacket/blazers because so many seem like they could be worn as lightweight outerwear and sometimes I even do. I may be a person best suited to dresses worn alone or in winter with coats.
    Yet I am pulled towards those jackets. I think I won’t be able to either leave off acquiring them or start wearing them regularly until the day when I finally figure out what I think they’re gong to do for me!

  2. Great job! I overbuy jeans and shoes, and need boots (I think). I just bought some from ebay, and they are too big (I’ll resell them).

    I should do this sort of a closet edit. I haven’t yet decided what I *should* spend on a wardrobe. I think I’ll likely be stuck at my current spot until I actually set a number to aim for. I’m worried that I’ll feel riddled with guilt over what I’ve really spent, so I don’t 🙂

  3. I figured out part of what was confusing me about jackets. I often see a category of clothing designated Loungewear. And I think, Lounging, what’s that? 😀 I’m always busy. If I get a chance to relax then either I fall dead asleep in a nap or I want to go out and sit around and people watch and see and hear new to me things. But in the colder months I want a layer to keep off any draftiness but I want it somewhat vivid or contrasting from my coloring – so I don’t look like I’m having a sick day when I catch myself in the mirror – and I want it non-restrictive. I want freedom across the shoulders, armscyes, upper arm, maybe even waist.
    So all my “jackets” that have knit sleeves and back or are outright zip wool sweaters or boiled wool blazers are really Sweaters and need to be At Home wear. And I don’t need to always craving some cozy thing for that purpose once I realize I already had them but I wasn’t “seeing” them for what they were.

    So right now I’ve kept a camel and a navy blazer that *are* restrictive by virtue of being tailored and woven but they’re on trial. Two heavier tweed jackets and one suede jacket are parts of skirt and pant suits. Also on trial. And I’m purging several well-fitting wool jackets in the camel/mid brown range (who needs 3 jackets in the same area of the spectrum if they might not be wearing even one?) and a fallen from favor black wool outerwear jacket. Hoping I’m now started on the path of turning up my nose at more tailored blazers and I surely don’t need any more “sweaters” or even sweaters. Thanks for bringing up this topic!

    • I have a problem with jackets too. I always think if I find a nice one that fits well I should buy it, because I consider myself somewhat hard to fit. But then I don’t wear them. Recently I have been thinking I may need to shorten the sleeves; I tend to wear shorter sleeved jackets as outerwear in the summer. In addition to the length balancing, my forearms have gotten rather muscular and long sleeves just feel kinda restrictive 😉

      • I made a list of every single suit, skirted or pant suit, that I ever owned and wore, starting with high school. With the exception of one jacket that I did wear with a different skirt, every other time i did not break up the suit. Apparently I really do not like separates for me and really do like a column of color. This isn’t true of my summer clothing that is a riot of prints and color and I mix prints. But when it comes to adding a jacket, especially in winter, I guess I don’t wear odd jackets because I don’t want to. duh How many years did it take me to see this.

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