Aug 232014

Is it possible that great style for one could be colossal fail for another? Of course it is! And the mini version of that is the question I often find myself thinking,

If (fill in the blank) looks so good in that, why can’t I wear it?

Usually, there are reasons; I am in the process of learning about those now. As I learn different principles, and try different concepts, I find other aspects of my look need tweaking.

So what makes style individual? My theory:

when two artistic principles conflict because of your unique body and you create an artful solution

For example, my hips are wide and my legs are short. Wide hips are supposed to be balanced by flared pants; straight leg pants with a slight taper makes legs look longer. These two principles conflict. That could be frustrating. Or an opportunity for me to develop great individual style.

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  2 Responses to “What makes style individual?”

  1. This kind of conflict keeps arising whenever people start to study what is flattering. Flattering, in our society, seems to center on looking “better” and better is usually defined as taller, thinner, younger. TOOS is unusual in that it includes suggestions for both minimizing and maximizing so-called flaws.

    Have you seen Girl With Curves? She makes an asset and a feature of her large thighs, for example.
    I think she looks amazing.

    • Actually, that thought has been percolating in my mind lately, just working on artfully highlighting my thighs. One of the main principles in doing that is creating interest elsewhere, which, of course, would be the “portrait”. In terms of my own conflict, I am sticking with straighter legs, because that is what I prefer. Although I am thinking of getting some wide leg yoga pants 😉

      You are right! That girl is gorgeous! Very inspiring!

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