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Lol. So the schedule I am currently trying out is: fresh post on Tuesday, Throw-Back Thursday, and a little something for the weekend. Since earlier in the week I was blogging about my color adventures, I thought this would be a good topic for a re-run. In this old post, I was completely wrong about the reason (find the one word I struck), yet the technique I found that works for me is precisely right!

This technique is adapted from the classic Always In Style, by Doris Pooser. In it, the CMB system is expanded to the 12 popularly in use now.

(I actually own the 1985 Color Me Beautiful version and haven’t read the revised, which looks like it contains a couple of intriguing additions: wardrobe planning and hairstyles. Notably, Doris Pooser worked extensively with color analysis in Japan and includes seasonal color identification charts for those of African and Asian descent.)

As illustrated in my previous post How a Blonde Can Wear All Black, one can create a harmonious and pleasing appearance even when wearing an unflattering color. To do so effectively, the color must be worn … in combination with a color … that will emphasize your most dominant color characteristic . (Doris Pooser)

In my studied opinion, this still represents a compromise. What could be more artistically pleasing than a wardrobe based on your own personal coloring ? But at times we have no choice.  What circumstances compel you to wear less flattering colors?  How do you make it work?

In my own idiom, soft bright is the dominant color characteristic.  Combining an intense hue with its pastel counterpart works for me.

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  1. […] How to wear any color: wear it in combination with a color that will emphasize your most dominant color characteristic. […]

  2. […] just what looks good on a person, my best suggestion for working red into the wardrobe is to combine it with a color which emphasizes your own dominant color characteristic(s).  For me, that equals ivory satin or silver […]

  3. I so am with you that wearing unflattering colours is a compromise – it’s less than truly flattering.

    Why not just wear the colours that really suit you and look great all the time?

  4. All black is a less-than-best for me. But there are times that I want the subtlety and elegance of a lot of black.

    Black with cream is actually quite good for me. As is black with a very dark purple or burgundy. Cream or ivory is better than bright white for me, and burgundy beats a strong red for me any day.

    I don’t like grey in any form near my face, but I have a pair of pale grey trousers that are lovely, and a dark charcoal skirt that I adore.

    I like both black and grey with chocolate brown, which, along with olive, is a very good neutral for me. Grey or black with brown is a very classic British menswear combo, and so works well for businesswear for me. (I wore my grey trousers and a brown herringbone jacket to the interview for my last job, and got the offer that day.)

  5. must be why i like to pull out an occasional black piece for work.

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