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20140805-144534-53134893.jpgWhat I wore: what I would wear to any daytime wedding held in a church.

(Btw, I am not wearing glasses here just because, but the hair – that is something new and different and related to the Personal Stylist training.)

As mentioned yesterday, I don’t actually have alot of options. I have this dress and these shoes; therefore, I needed to wear them together. Lol. Thankfully, my daughter, the jeweler, has her office, complete with her entire collection, in the room next to mine; although, in this case, I didn’t help myself to anything except a pair of earrings, which you can’t really see, that sort of help tie the shoes and the dress together.

That said, there were some differences between what I usually see worn at weddings around The Great Northwest and what we observed at this celebration (the groom was from Mexico, the bride from Colombia). For example, what the musicians wore:

Some tips, should you find yourself invited to such an event:

  • Wear color. The more colorful, the better!
  • Don’t be afraid to wear the same color as the wedding party.
    Typically, I think it is considered unusual to dress in the specific wedding colors, but I have never seen so much coral scattered throughout the congregation as I did at this wedding! The photographer’s dress appeared to be a simpler, street-length dress from the exact fabric of the bridesmaid dresses (which is actually very practical in making her not stand out).
  • Wear as high heels as you wish, but then bring shoes you can dance in. 🙂
  • 20140805-150020-54020636.jpg

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  1. I think you look great. I like the dress lots better without the necklace, headband and glasses frames all in the same area, the way they were in the last picture of it. Hair very feminine and sophisticated, too! Nice job.

    I’m confused about a sleeveless and halter dress to a church wedding. Do women still cover their head with something for a mass? How much limb or torso can/do people show? Is a mini skirt okay? Bustier? Backless? Do they cover a bit for the religious rite and then shed that for the reception?

    • Thanks!

      You ask good questions! This dress actually is not halter, it has a full back with the cut-in sleeve, and I don’t remember seeing any halter dresses at this wedding, but I have seen LOTS of them at Protestant church weddings. I am not a fan. When you see someone from the back and they are sitting in the pew, wearing a halter dress, they look naked.

      What I did see at this wedding: one-shoulder dresses, minis, cut-outs, spaghetti straps, strapless. No head coverings. On the women, that is, but more than one man wore a cowboy hat!

      There was quite a lengthy gap between the wedding and the reception; long enough to go home, change clothes, take a nap. One of the hero’s coworkers put on a different dress for the reception, one which was a little less conservative, but most people were wearing the same thing.

  2. I like this look a lot too – especially with the change of shoes. And this dress would have been just the right modesty (and dressiness too) for a church wedding here in Nebraska. I’m realizing that I need to watch (and allow myself to buy) one or two such dresses that fit superbly. I usually don’t even try on dresses, thinking that they’re for an imaginary life. But I just purged my “wedding guest” dress, and don’t have a good replacement that fits.

    • You are so right to realize the need to have a wedding guest dress on hand (and a funeral one, too, cuz there is less notice). This dress I found for $4 at Salvation Army. It was quite a long time before I had an opportunity to wear it, and then so long after that first time that I forgot I had it. I will definitely get my cost per wear out of it!

  3. PS like the way you did your hair too!

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