Aug 052014

When I did my wardrobe/costume design plan for this summer, I focused on the daily–wear segments: leisure and casual. But I have had a few social occasions. Some outfits have been hits, some have been misses. And I am getting really good at picking out the misses!

In other news, the hero and I will soon be empty-nesters. Hopefully, that will mean a better space for taking pictures.

In the meantime, here is my Summer social segment, in pictures:


None of these is perfect.

  1. The gray one on the left, I am to certain about. It seems so colorless! Lol.
  2. The brown dress is good, but the shoes are gone! Who knew that the reason I never wear them is those straight, horizontal lines that make my legs look chunky?
  3. I am gonna cut off the white maxi to knee-length, possibly creating a half-sleeve from the fabric.
  4. The black and white I bought last week for a dollar, wore it twice, and now I am not certain about it either. Something about the proportion.
  5. Finally, the cream and black, with the giant, stylized, black flower, has an unfortunate horizontal design element placement right across the thigh.

I really need to go shopping.

  2 Responses to “Summer social segment”

  1. I like the last one a lot on you. The dark flowers make my eye travel up to your face via the glasses frames.
    I don’t see any thigh problems and even if there were a focus on the thighs, that would just suggest some traditional curviness.

    The white maxi that you want to shorten and perhaps add sleeves to, take a hard look at that collar.
    It looks like a clerical collar. So think what you’ll have when you do those alterations! Better to remove it and cut a different neckline.

  2. This was fun! Okay, here’s what I think: the first out is by far the best. It looks very natural on you and the shoes are good with it. It is very nice. The brown dress is cute but definitely not with those shoes; I’d have to see it with with different shoes, and then I might say it’s a keeper. The white maxi needs to be shortened and may need a different neckline. But just shortening alone might be all you need to do. I would change the neckline before I’d change the sleeves. The black and white dress is just not right; I don’t really like it on you. And the last one – I like a lot and yes, I see what you’re talking about regarding the horizontal thing. But I don’t think it is enough to make it not work. It still looks good on you!

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