Jul 162014

In other news: I had a job interview this week. Our local YWCA is recruiting for a 20 hour per week manager of their clothing closet/boutique program. More could be said about this, of course, but for now I limit myself to this:

  1. I think it went well.
  2. It would be a good fit.
  3. I will be content either way.

Dressing for the interview, though, provided an illustration of why periodic wardrobe reevaluation is good idea.
Here is a picture when I wore. And back here is a picture of me wearing that same skirt five years ago. I have not gained weight – if anything, I’ve lost – but the skirt pulls awkwardly. What happened? My guess: as my body mass converts to muscle it is moving. Umm, up and back.

Many things change: coloring, body shape, lifestyle, etc. If hiring a professional stylist is out of the question, trying playing dress-up with a friend. And take pictures!

  2 Responses to “The case for periodic style reevaluation”

  1. This sounds PERFECT for you in every single way that I can think of!! Best of luck.

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