Jul 152014

For this post, “closet” is defined as active clothing storage. By “active”, I mean things you are now using, not gym clothes 😉

What is the root principle behind (effective) closet (or anything else) organization?

never mix things which are being used with things which are not

This is the principle behind the seasonal closet change-out and the wisdom behind not holding onto clothes which do not fit. Logically, it makes sense to store all your pants in one drawer and all your shirts in another, until you go to pick out clothes on a 90° day; then, you wish you had all your shorts and tank tops in the same drawer and the sweatshirts and long pants in another. Make sense?

Anytime you blend actionable and non-actionable things in one area, you go numb to the area.
David Allen

The basic components of everyone’s closet cleanout process:

  • What works – back into closet
  • What doesn’t – some other action

In my limited space, I am now hanging my actively-used wardrobe in my closet, and keeping off-season things stored in the dresser. Identifying and altering those items which could be more flattering is my current project.

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