Jun 292014

Before I move on from my week of shopping, I have one last thing I wish to mention. Last summer I went to Hawaii; on return, I began a list of items I wish I had packed.

  • A small backpack (for hiking)
  • my night guard. When my crown flew out, during flossing, it would have kept my teeth from shifting until I got home.
  • a hat to shade my face. I can’t read at all in my prescription sunglasses. (My daughter brought a straw hat and looked super cute wearing it for traveling, since it couldn’t ride in the suitcase.)
  • bras with colored straps.. I haven’t felt the need for these yet this summer, but I expect to. So I found several this last week at Nordstrom rack. Incidentally, I find I am more motivated to have pretty underthings when I catch myself in the mirror at the gym all the time in the process of dressing.

The modesty peeps may disagree, but IMO the colored straps look more like another tank layer. Or even a swimsuit top. When it is hot and humid and the vibe is laid back, wearing a bikini or equivalent as underwear saves having to wear an entire extra shirt!

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