Jun 162014

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I have had the same pair of prescription sunglasses since before digital photography. Ok, not really, but I have had them for a really long time – so long that I cannot find the receipt – probably over ten years. They are (were) the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn and I got them during a brief moment in our family’s financial history when we had vision coverage. Typically, my eyewear strategy has been to carefully choose a look that is practical and fashion-forward, without being trendy, and wear them for as long as possible (usually four or five years).


So, the frames were starting to show wear (have chips) and I knew eventually I would need new, but I wasn’t in any hurry. Until one day, in a momentary lapse of care, I hooked them on the front of my shirt and leaned across a high counter. And felt them break 🙁

(Last year when I got my drivers license renewed I was able to pass the eye exam, so I don’t strictly have to wear prescription glasses.)

First things first: I went straight to Kohl’s (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Extra 20% off All clearance apparel for women, men and kids with code CLEARANCE20. 6/17-6/18) and bought a pair of fashion sunnies. But then I wondered whether, since I had a very classic pair of RayBans, I could just find a replacement frame. Unfortunately the model had been discontinued.

Then I thought: eBay! And it worked. I saved a search and after a week or two, for the same price as a pair of department store sunglasses (about $20), I got a pair of sunglasses in the mail that look identical to the ones I broke. Unless I put them on, in which case I can’t see anything 😉

Update: sadly, the eBay frames were beveled for glass lenses and I had plastics. Or maybe it was the other way around. At any rate, the technician tried and was unable to rebuild my glasses. Now (7/10/2017) I have been wearing the cheap sunglasses from Kohls for three years, but that season is coming to an end! Today I ordered my new prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker. Shop Warby Parker’s Summer Collection Here!

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  1. I was lauding you for how resourceful you were and then I get to the end. If you have the unbroken lenses and the replacement frame, can’t you get an optician to wed the two for a reasonable cost? Or if you don’t have the lenses and don’t need them, just put plain ol’ non Rx lenses in?

    • Lol. Yes, that is what I am doing. I guess I should have actually read what I wrote before I posted it. 😉

      To be clear: I am taking my unbroken lenses and the ebay frames to the professional to be put together. I will probably reserve them for driving. And be more careful! He hee.

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