Jun 122014

Just for fun, and because it is timely and useful, I am re-running this post from June 2008, with some additional commentary. Back then I didn’t like this length of short, preferring Bermudas; I also did not like to wear navy because it is a very dark color for summer AND it is very traditional. Now I am tired of Bermudas and this length shorts looks very fresh and flattering to me (high-waisted would be even more modern) and, while I prob’ly wouldn’t wear solid navy shorts, I am using it in prints and in brighter versions (now that I have broken up with the idea that I am an “Autumn”).

I was looking for something completely different when I was stopped in my tracks by what I saw in this first pair of compared pictures. Do you see what I see? Not that I like to wear this length of shorts, or navy …
Women: Cuffed tab-waist shorts - rublo taupeWomen: Cuffed tab-waist shorts - true navy
Women: Cuffed tab-waist shorts - new silver lakeWomen: Striped cuffed tab-waist shorts - yarn dye

What do you notice about apparent leg length as it relates to the color of the shorts?  Any other comments?

Obviously, these shorts are not still available – since the links are from 2008 – but if you are looking for shorts now, here is an offer that might be useful: Extra 20% off Everything with code FRIENDS20

  8 Responses to “Fashion Lab: Shorts Color and Apparent Leg Length”

  1. I’m gonna have to throw out most of my shorts after this. Damn, I hate you. No, really !

  2. he hee. But maybe your legs are long and you don’t have to worry about it. 😉

    Or maybe this lab is all messed up. Which ones did you think made the legs look shorter?

  3. To me, the white (or lightest khaki) and the navy make the legs look shortest. I’m guessing it’s because those two have the greatest contrast with the skin color? The top left and bottom right ones are closer, relatively, to the skin tone so seem to elongate more – kind of like the effect a nude or tan-colored shoe has on the leg!

  4. Natalie, I agree. I thought it was super obvious until my hero looked at the post and thought the navy ones made the legs look longer. !?!?!

  5. My legs are short 🙁 so I do have to worry about it.

  6. I think that the 2nd and 3rd shorts made the legs look shorter. The 1st and 4th are close to the skin tone, and the legs look much better in them.

  7. Interesting Rebecca – I actually side with the Hero on this. Something about the navy (maybe camera angle? maybe the super-low vamp sandals? ) makes her legs look really long and slim to me. Second is picture #1 and #4, with the nearly skin tone shorts.

    • Maybe the camera angle, and the straightness of the stance, but also – I just noticed when you said that – look at the shoes. That is the only photo where there is nothing going up to the ankle at all.

      I have been really looking for a pair of dressier casual sandals, and finally gave up on finding anything that didn’t come up high on the foot (and was actually leather!) and bought a couple of “place holder” sling backs at the thrift store.

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