Jun 102014

Progress report:

  • Reorganized my clothing storage. Currently-being-worn clothing hangs in my closet; off-season stuff – and gym clothes – lives in my dresser.
  • Took down my last show of the 2013–14 theater season. Still have the laundry to do, then return the stuff to the theater and I’m done.
  • 20140610-131343-47623947.jpg

  • Produced the pencil sketches for my summer wardrobe design renderings. Painting is still on the to-do list.
  • And – I can’t tell you. Yet. 😉 A new endeavor is on the horizon.

(I am well aware that the one item I am going to need to spend real $$ on is a pair of flat, metallic, leather sandals. I am open to suggestions. Find new shoes for summer for under $100 at NORDSTROM. Free shipping & returns.

So, you know how people are always saying you should pick out your clothes the night before? Well, today I stumbled on something I think will work brilliantly for me:

pick out my clothes for tomorrow and pack my gym bag when I get home from the gym.

I even picked out my unmentionables. Which is actually one of the greater complications in getting dressed.

What helpful habits are you building?

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