May 232014

This year, my Memorial Day has more of the feeling of the winter holidays: just coming off a big project and anticipating the opportunity to make a fresh start (in my wardrobe, if nothing else!).

So, this weekend, along with bbq and extended family, I will be enjoying some Memorial Day weekend reading:

In this little (150 page) gem, author Andrea Pflaumer includes descriptions and diagnostics for all seven of Kitchener’s style essences. She even answers the question which went through my head yesterday (at Trader Joe’s), “which style includes bohemian?”

Bohemian: A combination of Romantic/Sensual and laid-back Natural/Relaxed …

Memorial Day is also a great time for shopping sales:

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  1. I haven’t gotten her book yet – had viewed several Kitchener videos long before but hadn’t found the archetypes one you had seen, so that was new to me.

    Do you know she’s just gotten on Pinterest with pins for each type? Says she’ll be commenting on what she pins in future. Here’s the first one I found

  2. Hey, thanks! I had not seen the Pinterest. In just looking at it real quickly, I was a little surprised at how much I liked what she called classic – it seemed much more interesting than the “classic” idea I got from her description in the book.

    In the book she has a page describing each style type and one of the exercises is to check a box for each entry you resemble. When I did it, I came out with a score of 5 each in dramatic, romantic, natural and ethereal; I am taking those as zeros. I scored 14 each in youthful and high-spirited (ingenue and gamine), and 9 in classic (38%, 38%, and 24%). I am pretty comfortable with that, and don’t actually see that much difference between that and my scores on the Kibbe.

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