May 202014

Like many Christians, I had a vague notion of the concepts yin and yang. Out of ignorance, and possibly fear, I avoided such research and discussion for the most part.

But there is much more for me to understand about putting together a look rooted in personal artistic expression. From time to time, yin/yang comes across my metaphorical desk, most recently when Imogen Lamport posted a mini-series about it on Inside Out Style. Using the terms advancing and receding (for yang and yin, respectively) brought to my mind the alternative wording “advancing” and “receiving”. That opens up a whole new world of understanding!

What if we just thought of yin and yang as vocabulary lacking in the English language? In The God-Shaped Brain, Dr. Tim Jennings likens the circle of life to the expression of God’s character of love through nature. As I see it, everything healthy is continually in a cycle of giving and receiving.

More about yin and yang, style essences, and personal idiom to come. In the meantime:

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