May 162014

Enchanted Sleeping Beauty opens tonight. In the rhythm of designing costumes, that makes today a version of a “sabbath“. Before I move on to establishing a new schedule, with new seasonal rhythms and projects, I will take a “day of rest”. Last night, I watched the final dress rehearsal/preview performance as a sort of spiritual discipline: for the purpose of enjoying my work. I enjoyed the work of all the other artists as well!

Women’s – Top Deals For The Week

What I wore:

I got this beaded tank at Union Gospel Mission Thrift for $1, with the tags and spare beads still attached. Lol. Unfortunately, I caught myself with the open end of my pen pressed against it last night!


After talking about it for the past few years, I have recently made a concentrated effort to wear headbands. This one connects to the “Briar Rose” idiom of the show.


The whole outfit. What I can’t figure out: Why do my legs look longer when I cuff the pants at ankle length?

And why do the pictures change orientation in the process of posting?

  2 Responses to “A Day of Rest”

  1. Dunno about the pants illusion. I often wear my pants like that and I’m five feet tall. Perhaps the contrast at the bottom sends the eye back up or perhaps it is like what my mother used to say about “looks outgrown.”
    Therefore, one assumes you have longer limbs.

    Have taken a leaf out of your book and am trying headbands. I need the ones that are very thin and have some on hand that are various colors like cobalt, raspberry, aqua. You don’t see much of it on me but what I like about it is that I sometimes feel that I have more profile than I do front view. I don’t know if that’s accurate but I feel that way. So I wear the headband about 3 inches back and let the hair fall forward like curtains. This has the huge plus for me of having the still red hair fall along my face. All because I can’t decide if I still want red hair or I don’t. It’s kind of an amber red. My husband suggest I simply get “a tune up.” I give him a perplexed look. He explains, just color it if I don’t like where it’s going grey/losing the red. I didn’t have a chance to interview him about whether he thought the streaky ashy/bronzey color was better for me or the red but since he favors red hair I doubt he can see beyond that anyway. Have considered whether a talented hairdresser could put in a sufficient amount of sunstreak type reddishness and leave the bottom two thirds of “correctly” colored hair alone.

  2. What I *think* is going on with the pants: when I cuff them at ankle length, there is no break; therefore, the line from hip to ankle is a straight, fast line. I put on another pair of pants today and, before I cuffed them, noticed that the length may be about an inch too long, creating some extra bulk at the bottom.

    I bet you could get a hairdresser to creatively blend your colors together, but in the meantime, the headband sounds like a good option. I am getting more comfortable with wearing them. Recently, I have been completely distracted with trying to understand the whole yin/yang thing and have decided that there are some interesting answers to some of my nagging questions therein. Not quite sure where the headband fits in, though.

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