May 012014

How long did your New Years Resolutions last? This year I resolved not to buy items with features I actively dislike, and named among these hoods. I made it to April 😉

But then, in the course of thrifting for the show I am currently costuming, I found a NWT, mid-weight cotton, fitted, long-ish zip hood, in a horizontal stripe (a pattern I am not super fond of). But the colors! Coral/white at the top, coral/yellow, then coral/orange at the bottom. For $4.99. Thinking if I absolutely hate the hood I will just hack it off find a youtube tutorial on taking it off, I am reasonably certain I can get my 20 wears out of it, most likely before fall.

Private Sale at PUMA! Up to 75% off! Valid 4/30 – 5/1.
Here I am, heading out for a quick grocery run:


Wearing a hoodie under a collared coat feels like me. 🙂

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  1. The top’s striping sounds delightful for warmer weather. I recently got a mid grey soft angora (or, who knows, maybe cat) blend cardigan. I wear grey, seemed like a no-brainer. But I tend to wear snowier grey or more luminous grey or charcoal grey or blued grey…. What interested me was that the style, longish with no closing except for optionally at the deep ribbed neck, reminded me of the confused undead looking sweet young things wandering in a bare branched woods that some online catalog had. Why would anyone want to emulate that, I wondered, but you know it sticks with you. Though it may have been an early edition of Aubin and Wills and they closed the division.

    Anyway, I kept putting the cardigan on the purge pile and yanking it back and trying to figure out why I couldn’t make it look anything but terrible. It was a mid weight flat weave that nevertheless seemed to show everything underneath including belt loop outlines. Finally, I hit upon the idea of leaving the collar undone and yanking it far forward on the shoulders in an indie hipster way and that made it trapeze out a bit in subtle folds at the back and it looked “right.” For an indolent zombie. Which made me think more about the receding/advancing yin/yang situation.

    Somewhere along the way I decided that yin elements could advance if there was an obvious decided effort to look pretty. Because who does nowadays? “Pretty” is showing you made an effort to ask to be found appealing and that’s advancing. Has nothing to do with the grey sweater that is very much not my idiom (your word).

    But also thinking about what we always disliked or liked, I’m trying a bunch of new to me things through a clothing swap. One is a Jones New York cotton flannel floral print in dark grey teal with autumn colored flowers. Long tunic top and pull on pants. Autumn colors sort of bug me – even if I wear them sometimes and they look fine. A lot of florals bug me. But I used to like clothing for the street that was based on nightwear/loungwear. Like a soft wrap coat is similar to a bathrobe. Anyway, even if pajamas are still trending, I realized that this outfit, pieces separate or together, screamed nightwear to me. I was never gonna wear pajama type pants. And then I realized that I’d done the complete switch and not only do I shun the idea of parading around in items that recall sleepwear, I like my sleepwear/loungwear mighty peppy looking, too.

    • Chuckle

      It does seem like sometimes if a garment has more than one style element that I usually avoid I am more likely to like it, if I give it a chance. 🙂

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