Apr 232014

This has been a crazy week: babysitting, new grand baby, fittings for Enchanted Sleeping Beauty and, today, memorial service for the hero’s uncle. No time to blog all the big things I have on my mind.

But I have pictures. 🙂


In the early blog, I advocated choosing a jacket in your hair color. Picked up for nothing at a clothing exchange, this jacket has been seeing alot of use this season. Hair color is also great choice for leather goods: shoes, bags, belts, etc. Shop the latest handbags for spring at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping & returns on every order.

Repeating your hair color in your outfit is a great way to connect your face to the rest of your look.

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  1. Congratulations on new grandbaby – both you and baby look completely adorable. I’m a long time reader of the blog but didn’t remember the advice of wearing a jacket in your hair color. It works wonderfully for you.
    I remember once having my hair trimmed – or so I thought – and the stylist took it upon himself to eliminate all the sun damage. I rather enjoyed that beachy hair. When I realized what he’d done I did the classic thing and went home and wept without stopping. Solved it finally by purchasing the first jacket I saw in my old hair color – a kind of muted metallic lightweight bomber. Only then, did I feel that my hair was “replaced.”

    Makes a great way to frame your face! In fact, one of the reasons I don’t follow the advice to put a flattering barrier of, say, a scarf between your complexion and a difficult color is that usually when you turn your head the offending color is pretty close to your face nevertheless.

    ‘Course at this point the lower two thirds of my medium long hair is reddish and the upper part is more dark ash blond (whispers: grey).

    • Thx! And now I know what post to pull out for my next “re-run” 😉

      What I really love about this jacket is the seaming. You prob’ly can’t see it in the picture, but it has alot of curved seaming around the top. Much more interesting than just a knit jacket. I am thinking about checking ebay for another 🙂

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