Apr 172014

This previously-published post dates back to 2006; I just biffed the shoes last year. Of course, I see things much differently now, eight years later, so I will go through and add in italics my choices for this year. Timing is the same though – I painted my toenails and wore Chacos this last weekend 🙂

Summer has officially arrived! Okay, not really, but it’s trying, and this past week has seen some annual milestones: bye-bye scraps of blue toenail polish leftover from last year, hello fresh paint job; all my linen and sleeveless out from deep storage; the first toughen-up-the-feet outing in my Chacos.

So, other than celebrating what I’m calling Toe Liberation Day, the purpose of this post is to outline my thinking on how many pairs of shoes a person needs: one per lifestyle segment, per season. Two pairs in any category worn most days, in order to be able to alternate. My summer wardrobe is so simple, here’s what it looks like:

Leisure: My flip-flops. I wear them around the house, never for driving, and with swimwear. My Chacos are strictly leisure now.

Casual: My everyday shoes. My Chacos have black, brown, and khaki straps; they go with everything. I could use sandals in this category, but they are hard to find. In the meantime, I wear my two pairs of leather flats: lipstick color and hair color.

Business: I really don’t need business shoes. But I suppose if I did, I would probably wear the vintage ivory patent sandals (they are really more dressy social). I still don’t really need business shoes. But I have the gray ombré patent peep-toes, if I was going to a casual-ish business office.

Social: Here’s where I was really having the problem. Summer social events around here are bridal showers and outdoor parties; the Chacos would be okay but didn’t suit my sensibilities, poky heels stick into the grass, and I don’t wear backless shoes. The solution? My new wedges. They’re even comfortable! I was recently gifted a pair of multi-metallic, low-heeled wedges. Perfect!

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  4 Responses to “Toe Liberation: Shoes for the Sunshine”

  1. I loooooove chacos. I think You already know that about me. They are the best for my feet, and I think pretty cute for comfy sandles.

  2. […] now live in dd2’s wardrobe), my next need was for something for dressy casual. My hero found my wedges for me at the Nordstrom Rack. If I were shopping now, I might consider one of these (btw, all these […]

  3. Lipstick color flats! How cool are you! Wonderful idea.
    And those Chacos? I remember when Angie informed you they were definitely “gear” and now – that you’ve relegated them to casual – their like (Birkenstocks, etc) are all over the runway paired with edgy clothes. I know you like to be contemporary but looks like your style instincts condemn you to be avant garde.

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