Apr 092014

One more stop on this week of randomness from around the blogosphere: The Professor Is In. I may have already told the story of the professor who got offended when she was mistaken for an undergrad by another professor. After receiving a comment to the effect of, “if you stay in school, someday maybe you can get your own set of keys”, she came back to class fuming, “what is a professor supposed to look like?” She was young, beautiful, and fashionable. And had not read What Not to Wear, Assistant Professor Edition.

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Prior to stumbling onto The Professor, I had not realized just how conservative The Academy remains. So, suffice it to say, if you aspire to a career in academia, I recommend reading the blog. For the rest of us, a tip I wish I had thought of myself:

Buy blouses that actually fit. If it is a tiny gap deriving from button placement only vis a vis the girls (not incorrect size) in a blouse that otherwise fits perfectly, try sewing up the placket inside, turning the blouse into a de-facto pullover.


  2 Responses to “Button-Front Blouse Hack”

  1. I’ve done this for years. Sometimes a quick small safety pin from the inside but otherwise it doesn’t need more than a bit of handstitching at the spot where the button should have been placed. It’s the wrong or carelessly thought out button placement that is at fault and not the sizing. Button should be at apex of bust point, obviously an error that can’t be corrected owing to the buttonholes. In a correctly made shirt, women with a high bust point might explore junior sizing in shirts because theoretically the bustline should be higher. Though it’s hard to imagine fine shirting in a junior size. 😀

  2. It is brilliant! Usually I wear a t-shirt under a button-front shirt, but not always. Especially in summer, it would be nice to have the option of not having the extra layer 🙂

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