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Throwback Thursday post. Back in April 2006, apparently, a few people happened by the “space” wondering what we were wearing for Easter. These days, church is more casual, but also more “come as you are”, as in, “dress up, if you think that is fun”. Actually, I think fashion expectations are alot more relaxed in general these days. But this post has some fun (and current) ideas in it. And it also has me wondering:

Are there “Easter” equivalents, in terms of getting dressed up, in other faith traditions?

And, btw, we are welcoming a new grandbaby for Easter this year. 🙂

My apologies to those who have dropped by already, asking the question “what to wear on Easter”, but I honestly wasn’t certain what approach to take. I’m not all that traditional, I don’t wear many dresses, not to mention that I usually work in the nursery on holidays. All that said, I’d like to give just a few examples of how to translate traditional Easter expectations into your own personal style idiom.

Traditional for Easter: a street-length dress in an “easter egg” color, often a spring floral.

  • High Fashion: Perhaps you would choose an all white dress or ensemble.
  • Deep or Intense Personal Coloring: How about a bold dark + white print?
  • Not big on accessories: If you want to step it up a notch, try putting pearls with any outfit you choose.
  • Always Wear Pants: Although I don’t always wear pants, because I will be sitting on the floor, my plan is to wear linen pants with a silk floral blouse.
  • Triangle Silhouette: A two-piece dress or coordinate equals a dress. An ordinary skirt & blouse does not.
  • Since Rules Are Made to Be Broken: How about going for the secretary look? Prim blouse + high-waisted skirt with big belt = a look palatable to almost anyone.

One other thing: many of us have an underlying expectation of a new outfit for Easter. That’s great, but not strictly necessary. I have seen trend-setters in my circle wear just an ordinary dress to church on Easter. They probably realize it isn’t a fashion show, and don’t want to shift the focus to themselves by making it one.

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  1. I will not be wearing something new, but I will be going to church then to my MIL’s house for dinner. I will wear what fits, and what feels “Spring-y” to me that day. Athena (age 14 months) will be wearing a real “Easter Dress.”

  2. They have the cutest Easter dresses for little people.

  3. My Easter outfit: Diane Von Furstenberg black and tan wrap dress in palm vines pattern, black jersey cami. Black shoes — whether strappy sandals or pumps, and leggings vs. hose will depend on the weather! It will be the first outing for the dress, that will then be worn over and over and over.

  4. Anonymous-

    Thanks for sharing. What I love about blogging is just getting to talk to lots of people about what to wear. (I think we need your input on the pantihose issue, as well.)

    Depending on wear you live, that dress would meet the qualifications for a one-and-only dress.

    I was wondering, do you typically use Easter as your debut for a new dress? Then, do you wear that one most of the time that year? How many years will you continue to wear a dress? (I wear them so seldom that I have lots of questions 🙂

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    I really enjoy this blog and am glad I posted.

    The Easter dress is almost a one and only, it is one of two. The other is a sleeveless black DVF wrap dress. The Easter dress has 3/4 sleeves, so isn’t workable for the dog days of summer in Ottawa, Canada — nor is the sleeveless perfect for the dead of winter, even with a blazer.

    Wrap dresses really work for me (right now size 6 on top, size 0 on the bottom), and in fact for many body types. So I would see these being worn a minimum of 5-10 years, especially given their classic style. My lifestyle is pretty casual now, but these dresses will be worn out to lunch, out to dinner, and out to live theatre. The black sleeveless, with a multitude of different coloured camis & accessories can really be changed up in its look.

    Easter is usually time for something new, but not usually a dress anymore. When I was young, there was always a new Easter dress. In fact, I’ve been teasing my folks that I have no new hat or new black patent mary janes to go with!

    On the hose issue — well, it’s just not practical here not to wear them in fall, winter, or early spring (unless you choose leggings or tights). Once late spring and summer arrive then bare legs are an option.

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