Mar 192014

Choosing a uniform template is a form of automating wardrobe decisions. In past years, I have really struggled to come up with a formula for spring; this year, it more or less fell in my lap (thanks, Vildy, for sending me the link!). From Cathy Horyn’s article Sign of the Times | Slave No More:

Lately I’ve noticed many more women, all of them in the zone of careers and complicated family routines, all of them with an eye for fashion, gravitating toward an almost boyish uniform of slim-cut trousers, pullovers and flat shoes.

I don’t know that I take that as much a rejection of fashion slavery as I do a particular moment in the fashion cycle; either the moment when stylish women turn to simplicity, rejecting the piled-on bells and whistles that appear late in the life of a look, OR simply a gamine moment. Either way, this is for me!

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My spring 2014 uniform template:

colored jeans + pullover + blazer + leather flats

Pictured is one example of what I will be sporting this spring: the sweater was new with tags for about $7 at thrift, purple skinnies are a few years old and I am not planning on buying new pants this spring (perhaps another post). The third piece (not pictured) in this template is a fitted blazer; in this outfit, a chocolate brown velvet. If the weather is 50 degrees and rainy, I will wear boots; if 60 and sunny, flats.

If I want to look like everyone else, I will roll the pants up. 😉

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