Mar 112014

Anomaly: someone or something that is abnormal or incongruous, or does not fit in. When similarity occurs, the dissimilar is emphasized.

via Spokane Falls Community College

Imagine a sea of black dresses; you are the only one wearing white. Does that thought make you uncomfortable? Why or why not?

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I have heard people talk as if drawing any attention to yourself by way of appearance is immodest, almost immoral. I have also heard the view that either wanting to blend in or wanting to stand out is problematic. But, in a healthy social environment, IMO, any position on the continuum could be appreciated without judgment.

Typically, being comfortable standing out is associated with extraversion. In my ideal world, I would be wearing a white dress – or a color – of a similar cut and/or style to the blacks; thereby signally simultaneously both unity and individuality. And actually, that is exactly more or less what happened this past Opening Night: I wore a winter white dress with large black flower print, the rest of the theater company peeps all dressed in black. It felt perfectly appropriate.

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