Jan 132014

Have you considered how your vocal qualities should influence how you dress? I hadn’t. Then I came across this youtube on the topic, by the author of The Triumph of Individual Style.

In the video, Carla Mathis makes the observation (I am paraphrasing here) that if a woman has a very sweet presentation and a powerful voice, her appearance has not prepared those with whom she is interacting for what comes out of her.

IMO, the principle carries over from vocal qualities to the content of what is spoken. If you wish to be outspoken, best not dress as a pushover. Shop The Wedding Suite at NORDSTROM for Mother of the Bride dresses. Free shipping and returns on every order.

For my own application, I am just beginning to think on this subject. After all, it is really hard to even know what your own voice sounds like. One thing I do know: my voice is fairly loud and carries well. Do not put me backstage!

  2 Responses to “Your Voice and Your Look”

  1. Interesting. That must be an unusual mismatch–and yet–my former roommate, a very tall and strong woman with a powerful voice, used to, when she was young, dress a lot in soft florals. As she advanced in her career she did some image consulting and switched to bold solids and prints. It is definitely a much better look for her.

    Me, I’ve always been loud in voice and colors.

  2. I was thinking of how it could easily happen with an older woman. Sometimes I think people think when one reaches a certain age, certain looks are “age-appropriate” and alot of those, for women, are very gentle. If a woman goes along with the images in her head for older women, rather than what supports her personally, this could easily happen.

    Conversely, a person who dresses in structured fabrics and bolder colors but has a sweet little voice may not be taken at all seriously, due to the dramatic contrast.

    Anyway, it was kind of a new thought to me!

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