Jan 082014

A few years ago at a holiday event, I remember noticing that almost all the older teen girls were wearing one shoulder looks. I didn’t think too much of it, other than

  • junior clothes are cheaper
  • it is a good thing, since all these girls are obviously wearing a newly-minted dress
  • those dresses are gonna look really dated 

Recently, though, I have been thinking back to that observation and I would add a potentially-more-useful point:

the one-shoulder fad foreshadowed the high-neck trend

After years of little but v-necks and strapless, higher necklines have become cool again!

The same concept repeats in the hi-lo hem fashion; designers are now bringing back the mid-calf skirt length. Shop the Designer Clearance sale at NORDSTROM. Plus, get free shipping & returns on every order. Differing proportions change everything. What changes are you noticing?

  2 Responses to “Combination Style Lines Signal Change”

  1. Can always depend on you to suss things out! That’s a really cool insight.

    The only 2 weird things I’ve noticed are the garments that have one full (and sometimes
    actually fuller and wider) sleeve and one sleeveless side. Must mean something because
    looks so senseless and crazy. And just saw a menswear line that had (often patterned) suits consisting of jacket, pants *and* a skirt (kilt, they call it to be polite). I guess this latter is similar to the Eileen Fisher leggings attached to a mini skirt.

  2. Well then, I am hoping for the return of fuller sleeves! 🙂

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