Jan 012014

Health – physical, mental, emotional, and etc. – is arguably the greatest contributing factor to both happiness and appearance.  When I was in this week for my semi-annual teeth cleaning, the hygienist made the comment that how we take care of ourselves in our 50s determines our quality of life in our 80s.  I am 50 now. Thanks to Sonicare and oil pulling, I should still have teeth!

During 2013 I took a number of healthy steps in other areas, including joining the YMCA.  Some Most of those moves I could not have foreseen a year ago.

While in Hawaii, I read The God-Shaped Brain: How Changing Your View of God Transforms Your Life. Written by a Christian psychiatrist, it offers a refreshing paradigm from which to view our relationship with God, as well as alot of brain science. For 2014, I hope to grow in brain health. To that end, I am looking for ways to incorporate helping others (aka altruism) into the fabric of my life.

What is one aspect of your own health you would like to improve in 2014?

  2 Responses to “Healthy New Year!”

  1. I’m hoping to lose my layer of padding around the middle, and become more active by working. I’ve just acquired a treadmill, and am in the process of setting it up as a treadmill desk so that I can slowly walk while working, and, I hope, stay slightly warmer in the process (my office is frigid in winter).

    I’ve been exercising regularly for 8 months now, and plan to continue that (1/2 hour per day). I want to learn to eat for the usefulness of it, rather than for the pleasure (which generally results in my eating mostly carbs and sugar, hence the layer on my middle that I’m hoping to lose)

  2. That is awesome that you are setting up a treadmill desk! My sister works in the healthcare industry and they are all getting stand up desks. “Sitting is the new smoking” ;). I bought a Bluetooth keyboard with the idea of setting up a standing work station for myself; I just haven’t figured out the particulars yet.

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