Dec 242013

Fila orange mesh tank.jpgScanning for color is one of my best time-saving shopping strategies, but I am afraid my color-scanner needs a tune-up. After living these many years thinking I was a “soft autumn”, I need to retrain my eye to notice lighter, brighter colors.

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When, the other day, the hero and I were out doing some Christmas shopping – ’cause who doesn’t look just a little for themselves? 😉 – this orange tank top, $7 on clearance at Kohls, caught my eye. In a solid fabric, it might (or might not) be too intense for me, but in mesh the color is softened by what I wear under. As I retrain my color sensibility, I am finding that the bigger problem (than intensity) is actually mutedness.  Sticking to my David Zyla colors simplifies everything.

I haven’t fully decided how I will incorporate this piece into my exercise wardrobe. One thought:

swim shorts + bikini top + mesh tank

The YMCA requires, but does not define, modest swimwear. Thoughts?

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  1. So Orange is one of your David Zyla colors? (I’m the same Amy that’s linked to in that post, btw). I haven’t thought about those for a while now, and this winter restricted my colors to reds, blues and white/gray/black. According to his colors I should add back in a chocolate brown (second base and energy) and a caramel color (tranquil). I’ll have to play with that.

  2. Lol. I am such a space! In trying to produce my posts faster, I am cutting way back on my anal editing process. I didn’t even notice that I was saying orange was one of my David Zyla colors!

    Consciously, that is. But then, yesterday, as I was just moving through my day, it popped into my head that it must be my essence color. That is the one color I had not been able to identify. Clear peach (orange tint) was one that I had considered.

    See, I was wondering why, in the post with the 1970 pic, I felt it necessary to include the personality description for orange. From the perspective of, say, essay writing, that wasn’t strictly necessary. But I am afraid I am over-sensitive about not being understood, so I included it for the parts which I think describe me WAY better than the description of who likes pink. 😉

    The one thing I am confused about with the David Zyla colors is whether they are just the hue (which I think is the case) or whether we are supposed to match the value as well. And, to be honest, I don’t really wear what I think I am seeing as my “tranquil color”, instead I use the green in my eyes: a beautiful OD green.

    The other problem, which I think I have mentioned before, is that it is not always possible to find the right pieces in the specified colors. Lol. I have mainly workout clothes in my “first base” color 😉

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