Nov 272013

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So, we’ve seen maxis. We’re supposed to be getting midis. And, after too many boring years of knee-length cocktail-as-formal dresses, I see this:

The floor-length dress – a “gown” in fashion parlance – was facing extinction in the real world until recently, and seemed destined to be preserved only in the red carpet zoo. But the gown is making a last-gasp comeback, as a new generation discovers the joys of not having to worry about correct hosiery opacity, or ladders, or cankles. At the British Fashion Awards this year, I was struck by the fact that the cool kids were in floor-length and the middle-aged contingent were in knee-length.

I admit this quote is old, The Guardian December 2012, but who cares? This is the bottom of the fashion food chain, is it not? And, please, tell me if you are seeing or wearing a gown this holiday season!

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