Nov 152013

Since I said I would try to get these thoughts all out this week, and it is 3pm on Friday afternoon and I still have to shower and get dressed for Opening Night of The Fantasticks at EWU, I am putting both of the Feeling types in one post.

Feeling, as opposed to thinking, is associated with fun, with fashion, and with fitting in.

The FJ is decisive and creates outfits that are coordinated in unexpected ways. The FP is eclectic, looking normal in by far the widest range of styles, but probably needs an FJ friend to help her know when to get rid of stuff. Both types probably do well shopping at Target. Preview Target’s Black Friday Ad

What would you add about the Feeling types?

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  1. I wonder if the Feelers are aiming for more connection with others. Happier when they receive compliments, say. Maybe checking to see what others are going to wear to an event. Not shopping alone. Liking the social outing of shopping and the gathering of consensus about a purchase. Feelers might be uncomfortable if hubby didn’t like the new outfit.

    I like the idea of creating some social distance with my outfits. That’s even though I’ll initiate conversations with strangers all the time.

    Do you think perhaps the Perceivers are the goths, steampunk, Sundance catalog, retro pinup folks?
    More prone to stepping into a fantasy when they get dressed? More coherence in their outfit components and less likely to go for an eclectic mix?

  2. I think that is totally right about feelers creating connection. Your entire paragraph. I always have the urge to ask what others are wearing, even when I don’t need to know cuz I have the perfect thing picked out.

    My first thought was that those fantasy type styles are the NTs, but you may be right about Perceivers. What is your reasoning? 🙂

  3. With the Perceiving, I think I was going with a general impression of worldview that I was getting from various questionnaire items and descriptions. Couldn’t locate whatever I had been thinking of as making someone ignore current strictures and be inventive of something wholly new, original, other. I looked at Keirsey for Visionary and Inventor. I do see they are assigning ENTP to inventors. So that P is in there. But you are probably right about it needing a combination.

    And this made me think further about the various “costumed” styles and they would need discipline but also they are anything but inventive, innovative, original. More rebellious. More like “I was born in the wrong time/place and I will (pretend) to fix that.” Or else adding in a piece that is talismanic/symbolic, like carrying around a rabbits foot. Those latter people might be P’s.

  4. Hmmm… Yes, more to think about.

    This was interesting, today, to your earlier point: I am in the process of joining the YMCA. I still need exercise, along with massage and chiropractic, in order to spend any time at all online. Anyway, today I took a little guy with me and by the time I had gotten him checked in to child care, the yoga class I wanted was already started. When I was wandering around in the locker room, trying to decide what to do , I ran into a friend who was just coming from the pool. I asked her what people wear, wondering if I would be out of place in, say, bikini top and long board shorts. She said she wears a cute, retro-style one-piece and feels conspicuous cuz she’s the only one not in a Speedo. Next time, I think I will go with her and wear whatever I want. She will be less “different” than I am 😉

  5. Thanks! I will check that out 🙂

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