Sep 242013

At the recent Portland Fashion Week RTW show I attended, my companions and I stumbled onto a hat retailer among the pop-up shops. Of course, we all started grabbing hats and putting them on; I expected the usual response: hoots of laughter. Instead, the fabulous Katy of Bonnet informed me that I was putting it on wrong and would always look bad in hats (which I knew) unless I put them on correctly (which I did not know).

The trick: pull the hat on from the back of your head, rather than pushing it down from the top, and then pull it forward to frame the eyebrows.laurenleighton meester gossip girl in aubergine cloche

So, this actually works.  And they had a darling wool cloche in aubergine, with self-fabric flowers, which reminds me of this photo of Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl (which I have never watched, I confess), although the brim on the Lauren is shaped differently – it sorta swoops down on one side, like a wink ;).   I looked decent in it.  Imagine my sister’s surprise when, after she had been trying on hats from US $80 to $130, I said, “I’ll take it!”

lol.  The Lauren is only $46.  And still available at Bonnet.

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