Jul 122013

This has been a less-than-glamorous week: I have baby-sat alot.  Believe me, I remember well the “all I really want in the whole wide world is a SHOWER” days.  Today was one. 😉

Yesterday I caught myself in the mirror, wearing my slippers with mid-thigh shorts; the look reminded me of the trend I started seeing around here on 20-somethings: shorter dresses (or shorts) and shorter boots (mid-calf or less). With my shorter legs, I wouldn’t expect that proportion to work on me.  But it didn’t look bad. (Except for the slippers.)

Here are the pics:

First, the slippers. Next, a pair of mid-high wedge heels which I think look the worst of all the looks (although I previously wore those shoes with longer shorts and thought they looked okay). Then, the ubiquitous Chacos, of course. And last, but not least, these cream-colored slip-ons, which I got at Goodwill for $5. They are an Italian brand I have never heard of which retails for around $200 and I wear them with everything.

That last picture is actually what I wore today, to Trader Joe’s, after my shower. 🙂

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