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That moment when you realize what you want to write about is what who you want to write for wants to read …

NFs are a minority, about 10% of the population, and their values are very different from the mainstream values of our society. This gap produces immense challenges for the Idealist. Such challenges cannot be resolved properly until the idealist deeply understands their type and how it fits, and how it does not fit, in mainstream society. Furthermore, the idealist has to come to embrace their type so deeply, that they truly do not care to fit in the mainstream. The mainstream is driven by values belonging to other types, which are embraced by a more numerous crowd — the types that have a higher proportion of the population. However, these mainstream values are not necessarily closer to the Truth. (Attribution:  Are you an idealist type?)


Describing such a person’s style could be difficult; each idealist expresses different values through their appearance. Guaranteed the values are visible somewhere, even if the value is “appearance is superficial, therefore it shouldn’t matter what I wear.” Which, of course, is true, but doesn’t get you very far in the real world. 😉

Nevertheless, especially if you are this type, understanding the “why’s” can be helpful. For example, why did I think it was important to dress “Deer Park” when I went there? What I am calling “immediacy” (the immediate context) is a concept and a value I recognize often in myself getting dressed, and have also spotted amongst others whom I suspect of this temperament.

Some examples:

    College professors who perpetuate tweed blazers with elbow patches.

Other values that show up in Idealist wardrobes:

    Made in USA
    I personally almost never wear any artificial fibers.

What other examples of values-based dressing can you think of? Of course, not limited to NFs.

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  1. I’m not an NF (I’m an NT, with a few NF tendencies), but monochrome or nearly monochrome wardrobes come to mind – that seems to me an idealist trait.

  2. I’m not an NF (I’m an NT, with a few NF tendencies), but monochrome or nearly monochrome wardrobes come to mind – that seems to me an idealist trait.

  3. I could see that! Reminds me of a couple summers ago I wanted all white (which would be almost too trendy now!); also a lady I worked with years ago who wore nothing but black & white.

    You also bring up a good point about blending types – tendencies to other temperaments. II think that is one of the keys to how we can have these similar traits and yet be so individual. 🙂

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  5. Beth – I have been thinking, this has nothing to do with MBTI (well, it does in my mind, but … ykwim), that you might fit the David Zyla archetype Jeweltone Summer, aka The Glamorous Career Girl. The motto is “I’ll take care of that”. Secret superpower: “She’s always right. Really. Don’t fight it. She is.”

    Do you like that? 😉

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