Jun 282013

Just over the Idaho state line from Spokane is a resort community: Coeur d’Alene ID.  this evening the ladies and I are going over to see their community theater’s production of Into The Woods.  Safe to say I will wear something with a resort flavor 😉

After some minor alterations, which I did myself, the yellow polka-dot shirtdress turned out to be perfect for the wedding.  So fun!  And it ended up being the exact color of the bowtie s and the flowers, neither of which I had seen more than 25 hours before the wedding.  =D

Pictures of the wedding to come, as well as discussion about personality types and wardrobe choices!  Happy Hoopfest!

  2 Responses to “Into the Woods”

  1. How beautiful your inner modesty is, that you are joyful to contribute to the occasion and didn’t fret a bit about blending in.

  2. Thank you Vildy! Although I am afraid I am not as modest as I may seem: I did think that, next to the bride and groom, my placement in the pictures was most aesthetically important. I do think I have grown in that respect, tho, something to be thankful for. 🙂

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