May 162013

On Thursday mornings, when I can, I make it a habit to visit the Spokane Valley Salvation Army thrift store.  The vibe is relaxed and the deals are amazing!


I got all this stuff today for $1.63!  Every Thursday one specific color of tag (or bone, that is the plastic thing that attaches the tag to the garment) is a quarter; their prices start low anyway and they have other sales as well.  Brand names pictured here:

  • Columbia (those are the nice athletic shorts which actually fit me!)
  • Allen B. by Allen Schwartz
  • Sonoma Life and Style
  • Escapade
  • J. Jill
  • New York & Company

I didn’t try any of it on; for a quarter, I can afford to be wrong and then share with a friend, or use it for costuming or for parts. In fact, I let both my daughters go through it before I really tried on any of it.

And, yes, the Division store runs the same sale on Thursdays, but the competition there is a little more intense. 😉

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