May 082013

This is one of those “so creepy I have to tell everybody do it doesn’t happen to them” stories. Thankfully it has a happy ending.

On December 28 this past, I went in for my regularly-scheduled cleaning. Casually, the hygienist remarked that this little sensitive spot on the back of one molar appeared to be decay and that I should keep it scrupulously clean in case it might remineralize. Who knew teeth could remineralize?

In addition, we talked about the prescription toothpaste I was supposed to be using for sensitivity: I had run out and forgotten about it; thus, I needed a new prescription. I left with it and began faithfully using the 1.1% fluoride toothpaste, in addition to my regular routine of Sonicare, flossing, and oil pulling. Three months later, my teeth were turning brown!

Looking closely in the mirror, in addition to the obvious brown, I could see what looked to me to be decay; that is, the gap between my front teeth was wider. I was horrified! What could have caused this?

Immediately I began using a different toothpaste in the morning; at night I used plain baking soda. About a week later, I found Tom’s of Maine Antiplaque and Whitening Fluoride-free Peppermint Toothpaste. After about three days, my teeth were back to normal!

The takeaway: too much fluoride can cause fluorosis rather quickly. Apparently, if caught in time, the condition is reversible. Thank you, Jesus, that I do not need to look into bonding or veneers, because I had become self-conscious about smiling. And smiling is an essential function for me. 🙂

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