Jan 272012

What are your Valentine’s Day gift-giving traditions? I like to give my daughters pink t-shirts (or equivalent) rather than candy.  What about the rest of you?

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  1. I like the buying self a gift tradition, too. Actually, I wanted to ask you about purses. I really need/want a new one (I always need one, because I don’t buy clothes, much less accessories). Can you put together something about some of the different trends right now??

  2. I am so boring…always some candy. Which is what I always like to get too!

  3. Jennifer, I am not much of a purse person, but I will try to do something.

  4. Thanks for the shout out Rebecca!! I’ll definitely blog about my gift this year.

    I also make Valentine’s cards and I try to make sure that my single friends get one.

  5. I decided to let Yankee Bill off the hook early in our Marraige. We only do gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, and for Anniversarys that are the multiple of 5. That cuts down on trying to be impressive too often. For Valentines we just do a card and a nice dinner, hopefully out, sometimes at home. If he’s feeling particularly impressive I might get some flowers.

    We haven’t really done anything for the kiddos. I think that Easter, Christmas, Birthdays etc are enough to have to plan for with them.

  6. Growing up my dad always gave his girls flowers and chocolate. Mom always got a bigger bouquet, and my sisters and I might each get a single long-stemmed rose. It always made us feel so special! One year he gave us each a rose bush!

    My husband does the traditional card and roses, and I try to think of something creative to do together. Last year we had chocolate covered strawberries and I made “love potion” (aka raspberry cordial).

    I’m not sure what we’ll do when the baby gets older though…

  7. I think one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry makes a marvelous gift!! Hee hee hee…

  8. Absolutely! Are you making an abundance of red, pink, and so-forth?

    (I do like the coffee cup ones, too!)

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