Sep 062011

clear crystal plastic hangersWhat kind of hangers do you prefer?  Having ruined more than my share of garments by hanging them on too-wide hangers, I now only use the plastic ones with the softly shaped shoulders.  The ones you can buy for a dollar or two each.  The ones your clothes are usually hanging on in the store when you buy them.

Occasionally I will forget to ask, but stores are almost always happy to throw in the hanger with the purchase.  Last week, I bought two tank tops at the Eddie Outlet for $21.70 with tax. If the hangers had cost me $2 a piece, that is equal to almost a 20% savings!

Try it!  What do you have to lose?

  4 Responses to “Get Free Hangers!”

  1. I use different kinds of hangers for different types of garments: mostly the molded plastic kind for woven blouses, wider shaped wooden or plastic ones for jackets, hangers with clips for skirts, and so on. I keep knits folded in drawers or a cedar chest to avoid stretching.

  2. I prefer stackable friction hangers (metal with a foam covering of some sort). I get mine at Ross or T.J. Maxx. They still aren’t cheap, but they’re so much nicer than plastic hangers, imho, and they let me pack a lot more clothes into my closet.

  3. I think Plastic ones are good for most types of garments.

  4. Since a lot of my stuff has a wide neck or shoulder straps, I need hangers that have grooves or something else to keep the clothes from slipping off. I hang trousers and skirts on that Ikea Pax trouser thingy.

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