Sep 012011

Have I mentioned that the hero is 6’3″ and hairy?

According to his firm’s office cheerleading squad, tomorrow is “Wear Your College Colors Day”.  Although college logo shirt is the basis of the local “after-dinner-grocery-shopping” uniform template, it is not part of his regular idiom.  Nor mine.  So when he fw’d the notice that wearing college colors to work on Friday September 2 was being encouraged, my mind raced quickly through the options:  dd and I both attend schools sporting some version of vampire-wear for their school colors and the school the hero and I graduated from has the blues.  No options worth $pending on.

But there was one other option:  the local community college system, from which dd earned her AA.  Although I can’t tell you what their official color scheme is, their mascot is BIGFOOT!  This I discovered last spring, when I was a student at one of the schools.  I even bought a shirt.  Mine is a beautiful muted brown with the word “Bigfoot” written in ivory script; this “Sasquatch State” shirt is what the hero will be wearing to work tomorrow. 

The best part?  It was $9.99 less 20% AND I convinced them to give me the hanger.  he hee.

  3 Responses to “Wear Your College Colors Day”

  1. I totally need to start asking the sales clerks for hangers too. I’m running out of hangers in my wardrobe.

  2. It’s wear your college colors day at MY work too! I’m in Nebraska, so it mandates Red and White for me. I’m wearing white jeans, and a red cardigan over a navy top, so it’s not strictly red/white, but I think it’s reasonably close to my college colors while staying work appropriate and within what I already own (which includes no Nebraska gear).

  3. Green and white: Michigan State Spartans- never wore it, never will, My brother has an entire wardrobe in the navy and gold of Notre Dame. It’s such a guy thing!

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