Mar 082011

An integral part of personal idiom is what you consider a basic.  Those tee shirts, camis, cardis, or leggings that don’t really constitute a fashion item, but without which you can’t get dressed?  Those may need to be replaced annually, and in duplicates.  White and black are especially vulnerable to losing the freshness of their color.

Old Navy Semi-Annual Stock-Up Sale is here with basics starting at $4! Offer ends 3/17.

I’ve been thinking for some time about suggesting a basic accent color based on personality.  In addition to one’s eye color, these are my top personality-based  color recommendations for those pieces that tie the rest of the wardrobe together:

  • expressive:  white
  • gentle:  gray
  • dynamic:  red
  • reflective:  black

Because I wear jeans alot, buying some of these kinds of pieces to blend with jeans makes sense too.

  3 Responses to “Stock Up on Basics for Spring”

  1. I go in and out of the “stock up” mentality. It makes eminent sense, Then I open a drawer and see 4 or 6 black t-shirts all the same and just feel limp. I bought a second pair of pants I loved, wore one pair to bits and saved the other for “good”. Now the second pairs seem ‘old’ even though unworn. I do buy duplicates, and advocate it- but you can overdo.

    On the other hand, it’s so nice to have a sparkling white tee at hand just when you need it. So this is my dilemma!

  2. *chuckle*
    Well put!

    I am feeling pretty rich with the few things I bought: two short-sleeved white tees, two long-sleeved white tees, and a short-sleeved gray, for $30. I bought a couple of dark cashmere sweaters this winter that, on me, need the flash of white at the neck. The gray t-shirt was intended for my daughter, but she already has a gray and needs – you guessed it – white!

    Then I had to laugh at myself when I remembered what I had written here: “buying some of these kinds of pieces to blend with jeans makes sense”, because I have a pair of gray/black jeans I’m wearing these days. So I’m keeping the gray. 😉

  3. I don’t think I have the typical “basics.” Of the list you mention, only tights. I try to keep a couple pair of Walmart George tights in black and in brown. I still have an old pair of navy. I don’t want bright or unusual colored legs. Animal print strikes me as like an alien skin disease.

    What I have the most of, in terms of getting dressed more easily, seems to be a few tops
    in various shades of dark or medium brown. Mostly for warm weather. This may be as much
    happenstance as planning. i would like more easy care white oxford shirts, though. I have exactly one.

    What I need the most in getting dressed is to have shoes and bag that will complete the outfit.
    Bags are easy, shoes not so much.

    I also like the idea of bringing the color of the bottom piece up around the neck, so I have lots
    of jewelry and scarves.

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