Feb 282011

Due to the cyclical nature of fashion, the ladylike suit, although out-of-favor for a time, is in its comeback season.  There are lots of good reasons to buy one now:

  • Fabric technology continues to improve.  Avoid a plastic-looking suit.  Research has shown that many people associate obviously synthetic fabrics with negative character qualities.
  • Easter is April 24th this year.  A feminine suit is a lovely alternative to an easter egg pastel dress.
  • Suits which are sold as separates allow you to buy the size(s) you need even if you don’t wear the same size jacket and skirt.  You can also buy two trousers, or a skirt and trousers, to avoid unequal wear to the matching pieces.
  • Unlike many contemporary styles of dresses and sweaters, people generally understand suits.  That does not include the “mini-skirt suit”.


Now through March 6th, take $100 off a suit at The Limited. A suit consists of any jacket with either a pant, skirt, or dress. Shop The Limited Online.

Do suits work in your idiom?  Why or why not?

  2 Responses to “The Feminine Suit”

  1. I love that sateen Limited suit! The one thing you have to watch for is wearing both pieces equally. or do what our dads did, buy two pairs of the pants. I have no need for a skirted suit, really, but over at my blog today I’ve shown a Vivienne Westwood one I would buy anyway!

  2. Another wonderful benefit of buying as separates: the opportunity to buy two pants, or a skirt and pants. 🙂

    I like that Vivienne Westwood too, although I have to confess I am not cool enough to wear it with those shoes! lol

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