Feb 172011

Do boots work in business?  In 1996, according to John T Molloy, the answer was no.  From the book The New Women’s Dress for Success:

Boots do not work in business.  Every couple of years the fashion industry brings them back and tells women they can wear boots to work.  It is not so; even the most conservative boots do not work very well.

quoted from googlebooks.

I am going to suggest two reasons why that is (mostly) no longer true:

  1. Mr Molloy’s very well-researched book came out early in the “business casual” work environment revolution.
  2. Sarah Palin.

One of the reasons certain looks are not accepted is that they are not expected.  Someone needs to get people used to seeing it; for example, seeing boots worn with a business look.  Presently our eyes are quite accustomed to boots with pretty much everything.  I still think knee-high boots, worn with a knee-length skirt, look most conventionally professional.

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