Aug 312010

Once an individual has established a wardrobe that works, I have found, refinement will still be needed.  Various ways of establishing a shopping list have been suggested by shopping experts, here’s another one that occurred to me recently:

Identifying the compromise pieces in your wardrobe, consider what replacement item for each would make your wardrobe more ideal.

Some possible improvements:

  • replace generic neutral pieces with garments in your signature color(s)
  • is one of your favorites getting small or fading?  Things don’t last forever.  Perhaps it’s time to replace a staple.
  • in my wardrobe, I have occasionally had to compromise on fabric to have a look covered.  Keep looking for that washable, rather than dry clean, dress, or wool suit to replace polyester.

Sometimes one perfect item can replace several compromise pieces.

What items do you wear on a regular basis that you would really like to replace?

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