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idiom: A style of artistic expression characteristic of a given individual …

So much more individual than a style type designation, your personal idiom expresses the inner you to the outer world. Daily demands, personal coloring and silhouette, your lifestyle, even your budget, all combine with your fashion personality and many other variables to form a style of artistic expression all your own.  (One of those variables is how you choose to interact with movements within the realm of fashion and trend.)

Congruence is the name of the game. If you express yourself consistently within your own idiom, people will naturally be drawn to your personality, as it will be showing, and you will be easier to be around. 

Recently my sister decided to include a print in each outfit.  One daughter is going heavily after gray this fall (heavily for this thrifty chica is a couple of t-shirts, buy one get one for $1, a scarf, and a pair of tights).  Mom has lost weight and is deleting everything that doesn’t fit.  I’m still thinking.

Looking toward fall, what will characterize the style of your artistic expression? 

  7 Responses to “What’s My Idiom?”

  1. I wear large scale necklaces every day – they are all sorts of shapes and styles, but all a reflection of me and my personality – is that what you’d class as part of my idiom?

  2. I’ll be wearing a brushed stainless deployment bracelet this fall with my son’s name. Miss him so!!
    The other consistent is a pencil skirt. Knee length, with a wide waistband, and made of a stretch cotton twill.

  3. I, too, will be looking for a dark gray jersey top or sweater this fall (dove gray and I don’t get on!) … to be complimented by red. I’m also making a concerted effort to purge my closet. If it’s not being worn, why not? If it is not likely to be worn again, off to charity it goes!

  4. This fall, I am cutting loose from khaki and replacing it with (suprise!) gray. I will be looking for light and dark gray trousers in a houndstooth or subtle plaid. I will also be looking for a purse in teal, pewter or deep purple and wearing a wider variety of accessories.

  5. Imogen – yes, that’s what I’m thinking of. Very distinctively you and artistic. 🙂 Incidentally, my daughter with the body type more similar to yours is wearing more necklaces too, and scarves.

    Polly – your skirt sounds wonderful! I would love to find a perfectly easy pattern for one like that and make several. I wonder if I made them knee length but below if I would feel like they had to be lined so I could wear tights or whatever with them? I’ll try to remember to pray for your son.

    Wendy – I’m feeling the urge to purge as well. No matter how carefully I shop, it seems to be ongoing.

    Emily – good move! I’ve been thinking about various grays and I love subtly plaid trousers. Small to medium scale prints on bottom are a do in my idiom!

  6. Cashmere, because it really does last and I need it desperately in this cold Canadian climate. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

  7. […] would only add that which rules you break (and when and why) then becomes part of your idiom; that is, your unique style of […]

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