Apr 302009


Finally I got around to posting a picture of my outfit. I even found one that shows the shoes.

BTW, most of the grandmothers of the bride wore pants.  I realize that isn’t the globally correct term for that article of clothing, but I just can’t bring myself to call them trousers unless they are of a certain quality of both fabric and fabrication (that is, construction).  Although, I would never have considered wearing “trousers” to a spring wedding, it didn’t seem out of place.  We are, after all, in The Great Northwest.  😉

So, do you think we look alike?  If so, what is your reason, coloring or something else? 

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  1. You both look great! Yes, similar colouring . . . sadly my hair has more white strands than my mother, grrr . . . thanks dad!

    I think I have to steal that skirt — it looks better in person, and can see mixing it up w/ all sorts of pink/lavender cococtions . . . what outifts do you have in mind? OOOOH fun idea: plan several different outfits w/ the separate pieces! and post pics!

    We used to live in Portland, which is if anything more casual than Seattle — I’d wear a dress and often be asked “are you going to prom?” — hahaha!!

    pants, trousers, slacks, jeans, — they’re all completely different . . .

  2. I think you have the same features – if I look at the general line of the nose, cheeks, etc. If you look at photos of each of you at a similar age – maybe when you were each 25 or 17 or whatever you have available, do you see a striking similarity? I would like to see your profile, beth’s profile and mom’s profile …. and then throw in the girls for fun!

    What about the front view of your chins? You have a lovely, distinctive chin – does mom have same line? or is that your dad’s?

    Love the skirt and love the layers.

  3. Your outfit is terrific – elegant and flattering; you look so joyful and relaxed! And you can wear this ensemble, or parts of it again and again.

  4. ellem – I thought, looking at this picture, that I also have more white than my mom, although we are very similar.

    I need to play with the skirt. I know I can use it again, and I agree it looks better on than in the online catalog. Part of the reason, I think, is because I bought the size that fits so that I can wear it low, making it a little longer. Thanks for suggesting pink and lavender. It might have taken me awhile to get around to mixing it with color, and since I don’t wear black and white that well in big chunks near my face I was thinking in the direction of white and khaki (which is one of my best summer combinations).

    Agreed, about how casual Portland is. When we lived there, it was the capitol of grunge. Or just laid-back grooming. 😉

    dana – no, honestly, I don’t see the similarity. The outline, that is, face shape, is completely different. And my mom has really cool eyebrows, mine are kinda flat. I thought it was interesting that at this angle we look somewhat similar. The chin could be my dad’s: my mil had met my dad before she met me and recognized the smile.

    I always thought I looked like both my parents and my sister looked like neither. With my daughters, I think the younger looks like both parents and the older like neither. But as we get older that changes alot. Undoubtedly, mom and I share very similar coloring.

    forward picture of mom:

    forward picture of beth:

    duchesse – I’m so glad you like the outfit. As soon as I found it, every bit of it already seemed like my clothes! 🙂

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  6. chin: I just looked at a bunch of pictures – from age 2 to the one above. I NEVER did have a chin… well, maybe a little pointy one last time I weighed 115#.

    hair: Remember, my hair was darker to start with and everybody loved the salt and pepper – – me, too.

    I’ll comment on the pants later:-))

  7. Beautiful! I love the sheen, the mixed colors, and how the ruffled edge to your shrug adds just that much more elegance. Looks like a wonderful wedding (and I also love the bride’s dress – wow!)

  8. Your outfit is perfect!

  9. […] am I wearing?  Something fun – no LBD for me!  (Actually, I’m wearing the M of the B ensemble, but with swingy light red silk skirt instead of white/black print pencil, possibly more jewelry.  […]

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