Apr 282009

No, I haven’t lost my mind.  The following suggestion was sent in by new reader Amanda:

… going back (or forward?) to the “V-necks are out” post, I agree, except in the case of white V-necks. Last year, all I could find in the way of basic tops were tube tops (I bought four or five from American Eagle for a total of $20) and have started wearing them under a white V-neck. The tube top provides a little more coverage than a regular tank or cami, but it’s still a cute pop of color.

My younger daughter has worn a variation of this theme: a mid-thigh length strapless dress, topped by a belted white blouse, with leggings under. Ordinarily I would just pass by short strapless dress when thrifting, but combined with the other pieces – she’s fully dressed!

  6 Responses to “Tube Tops for Modesty”

  1. Take a look here at Kasmira who regularly wears a strapless menswear tweedy dress as a layer. She said that she was surprised how much wear she got out of it.

  2. oops, I notice she has THREE such dresses she rotates in.

  3. Tube tops can also look great over the top of fitted t-shirts.

  4. Uff! Uncomfortably snug and likely to creep (on flat-chested me, anyhow) . . . I’ll stick with simple tanks and camisoles for modesty. Your daughter’s outfit sounds cute, though!

  5. Tube tops for any purpose assume you have a smallish bust. Or are you wearing a bra under a tube top? I’d prefer a cami as the tube tops (as I recall from years ago) tend to droop and I was always hoisting them up.

  6. I think that anyone who is not flat-chested might get an unsightly bulge at the top of the tube top. Maybe I’m wrong…

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