Oct 162008

Speaking of shoes, since that’s been the gist of the conversation around here the past couple of days, Karen made me a skechers polyvore. The brown ones in middle, just above the silver, are serious contenders.


And Imogen sent me this picture of (part of) her necklace collection, showing us also how she stores them.  Great idea!

Tomorrow is MOPS and the beginning of our church’s fall women’s conference.  The great thing about both is:  no uniform!  I’m planning to wear my brown suede boots, that much I know.

Fall is a busy time.  What events are you looking forward to (dressing for)?

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  1. Today I dressed for my clients, tomorrow I’m dressing for Little Athletics and then a friends kids 1st birthday party in the park – I’ll be wearing shoes like those black ones on the bottom left most likely, unless it’s hot, then I’ll wear sandals.

    I’ve done quite a few talks for different MOPS groups round Melbourne, and used to belong to one locally before my business got really busy (and my kids grew up a bit), my son loved it as there were a couple of grandpas as his carers, and they play the kind of games little boys like to play.

    In fact I’m doing a talk for another MOPS group on Monday – had better write it!

  2. Hey, what about the white/silver ones? They would go with your hair!

    Or do you prefer brown to go with dark pants?

    I personally would love a pair of silver shoes… not too shiny… but won’t be splurging any time soon.

    I have added a couple of charcoal items to my wardrobe recently (since my 12-month no-new-clothes ban just ended), and I like that they’re not black, but still that same shade… know what I mean?

  3. Imogen rightly pointed out that I do better with darker shoes to blend with my pants (aka trousers), due to my legs being on the shorter side. I still like my pink flats though. I don’t know if white/silver would be an option with knee-length trousers; since my legs from the knee down are actually an inch or so long, that might work. For sure the leg colored ones on the far left would be an option for me for summer, although I’m still not sure they’d be as good as sandals or a flat that was cut down further.

    I do like the look of silver shoes and I’m sure I could do them with dresses.

    I’ve been wondering when your year was up. I do know what you mean – I like charcoal, especially as an alternative to a black coat. We jokingly call charcoal heather “dandruff black”. lol

  4. I’ve been craving a pair of silver shoes too! Specifically a low wedge in a less-shiny pewter. I have not found this ideal shoe as of yet, but I’m keeping an eye out.

    I am excited to dress for Halloween (literally as a prom queen who’s been stabbed in the back… original? No… excuse to dress up in fabulous thrift store gown with macabre makeup? Yes!) and for this year’s round of Christmas parties.

  5. The brown mary jane-ish shoes in the lower left are just about perfect for my fall & winter casual needs. Should be great with either jeans or casual skirts, and tread should be solid enough for bike trips to the store.

    I’d love to order online, but have never purchased a pair before. Anybody know if Skechers are true to size?

  6. this is probably not what you meant BUT I am looking forward to dressing in something other than maternity clothes! 5 more weeks to go! WOW, I am dreaming of what it would be like to wear my levi jeans again!

  7. Joy, I believe they do run pretty true to size. My daughter bought a half size smaller than her normal sneaker size in the Mary Janes, since she wouldn’t be wearing socks.

  8. I like the idea of the white/silver or the light colored ones on the left for your summer look with your short trousers. Keep wearing your pink shoes too, Rebecca, even if they don’t make your legline the longest it could be. You need the variety in your wardrobe, and the color. Let us know which Sketcher you end up with!

    As for the commenter who wanted to know about fit; I am an 8 and the 8s fit me well if they are lace-ups or have elastic bands criss-crossing over the instep. Some of the ballet styles tend to be wide. The lace ups have good support, and can be worn with socks.

  9. I just ordered Skechers via Shoebuy – no shipping fees — they are brown although I would have loved gray if they had my size. I hope they are great.

  10. I hope you really like them!

    I bought Pumas. They are the same color as all my coats, with black trim. They are not sassy, but then neither am I. lol. I am very happy with them, particularly the price ($19.99). After a nice dinner out with my hero, we wandered over to the mall to pick up some socks for him and just happened on these shoes next to where his socks should have been. 🙂

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