Oct 102008

picresized_1223708203_just_get_dressed_full.jpgWhat I have called “everyday leisure“, Jennifer and drwende have aptly renamedjust get dressed“.  How many days out of the week does that describe your wardrobe needs?  And what activities might those days include?

For me, “just get dressed” (for which I have the option, in my geographic region, of wearing “outdoor leisure” or “everyday leisure”) encompasses most of my Mondays and Tuesdays, and approximately half of my Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Maybe more.  On any given day I could be cooking, picking up after the dog, grocery or thrift store shopping, walking for exercise, or … ?  And what’s easy for me to forget is I am always representing my own level of fashion authorityimgp5908.JPG

Here’s what I’m wearing today.

  • old black “bowling shoe” style flats, resurrected because they are comfortable and they blend with my jeans (too old for the cost of them to signify, they were moderately priced, purchased on sale at JCPenney)
  • dark skinny jeans ($15, Shopko clearance)
  • white oxford button-front shirt, which – due to the fantastic flying collar and the perfectly placed darts- is becoming such a favorite that if I can find another I will be willing to pay real money for it (hand-me-over-for-$1 from a daughter, originally Costco’s Lady Hathaway brand)
  • v-neck, cable-knit, cashmere sweater in oatmeal heather ($15, TJMaxx).  Worn with the white shirt this illustrates the question I asked Imogen on her post “How to Choose Your Perfect White”.
  • reversible belt, worn animal print side ($5 clearance from Wilsons leather), held in place by lingerie straps pinned onto the side seams of the sweater.  he hee. 

Since I’m an accessory retard, please tell me if this belt works.  I know one thing:  if I had added a necklace to this outfit, one or the other (belt or necklace) would have had to go.

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  1. I think that’s a lovely outfit – classy and up to date. The belt ads just enough trendy snazz.

    How is your son doing this weekend?

  2. Thanks Polly! My daughter looked warily at the animal print belt. lol

    My son is doing as well as I could hope. He’s pretty cheerful. He gets really tired. He’s losing the hair on the back of his head. But he’s able to say, “oh well”. Encountering others who have worn the halo has encouraged him as well.

    Thanks for asking.

  3. “I am always representing my own level of fashion authority.” That’s a great quote! It deserves to be put on a message t-shirt. Just kidding.

    The reason I needed a new name for the “Just Get Dressed” category was because I could never remember the difference between leisure and casual.

    My “JGD” is my SAHM wardrobe, which activities involve some messy stuff (cooking, cleaning) but mostly homeschooling and keeping up with a 3-year-old. My template is a skirt and top, with sweaters for cold weather.

  4. the belt is fine; you have a small waist. Now you need a sassier flat shoe, and earrings or a set of bangles, but you need something more!

  5. […] to suspect I’m just going straight to flat boots this year.  Which would have been fine yesterday, but since I never left the house my feet were very happy in my old black “bowling […]

  6. I like the outfit and would like one of those flying collar white shirts myself. For me, Just Get Dressed, tends to mean that I’m already too tired/busy to make a decision and I would never reach for jeans. Always something soft, unconstricting, enveloping. That’s how I started today. I had already done dishes, made son some breakfast, started the first of 5 loads of laundry and then wanted to briefly go out on an errand. I wanted a no-decision outfit. Threw on a light camel acrylic sweaterdress (it’s really maternity from last year’s Walmart online but has small ribbing over the bust and the skirt is not straight, not full – has a kind of genteel look and I often wear one of the 3 that I have over a charmeuse shirt). Often I would want a belt but not for JGD. I wanted to wear the new wool challis print scarf I got from the thrift store yesterday – khaki, cinnamon,buttermilk, burnt pumpkin, black, offwhite – and the dress has a scoop neckline. Then I grabbed a lightweight print jacket, worn open, in a vertical feeling patchwork fabric with some quiet embroidery – earth tones: poison green, camel, cinnamon, plum. Neighbors I stopped and said Hi to asked if I usually went to work this early. 🙂 So not in the end a JGD look, but it ends up like it ends up. For being back at home doing more housework, I just take off the scarf and the jacket.

  7. although it doesn’t sound like the scarf and the jacket would possibly go together, they do because both are very deep versions of their color schemes and though different in pattern they almost look like someone designed them to go together

  8. I am always representing my own level of fashion authority.

    Love this line! Need to mull it over, and I’ll warn you, I will probably blog about it (crediting you) in a few weeks. But it cuts straight to the heart of the matter, and it fits very well with some of my larger thoughts on the need to be consistent in living one’s own values.

    “Just get dressed” is entirely to Jennifer’s credit — I adopted it because it fit so well with my lifestyle, particularly occasions when I’m doing my work, but the situation is casual, and no one but me cares what I wear, provided I’m wearing something other than a bathrobe.

  9. I’m catching up on your posts, after a week of sick children and visiting relatives.

    First, the outfit is fantastic. I’m never sure what to do with animal prints, so tend to avoid them. I think the use of the belt as a narrow accent is perfect. I lack the confidence to copy this outfit, but only because I’d be afraid of all the times I’d be tempted to wear the animal print belt where it would be WRONG.

    Second, glad to hear your son is doing relatively well. We had a bicycle accident in our family just a couple weeks before yours, but were fortunate in that the only breaks were in the forearm.

    Lastly, “I am always representing my own level of fashion authority” would make a great shirt… except that we’re all supposed to be grownups who have given up message tees. (Can this be an exception?)

  10. […] When I said that, more poking fun at myself than intending to be profound, several of you liked the quote so well you mentioned message t-shirts.  *chuckle* […]

  11. […] Finally, twenty years ago, when I had a fashion retail career, I considered myself a “pink suit”. Daily I wore suits. But they were feminine and colorful, not mannish. Now I am finding myself with a strong preference for velvet blazers. Currently in rotation: blush pink, brown paisley, and grape.  My favorite way to wear them is with white oxford button-front shirt, collar flying. […]

  12. […] rising, I can “just get dressed” for whatever I am doing first, knowing that later in the day I need only change my top layer […]

  13. […] (for $30) at the Eddie Bauer store closing. In fact, I’m wearing the flannel today for a “just get dressed” day. […]

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