Aug 282008

sisters-thanksgiving-2007.JPGMy sister and I last Thanksgiving.

Here’s the link to her “before” post: This is what 43 looks like. Recently she also posted a book review of Staging Your Comeback (the Christopher Hopkins book), discussing whether she should change her hair color.

Hair today, which she thinks is too square and I think is too golden. Before we started all this, I emailed Christopher with my suggestion that she take her hair back to it’s original dark brown. He agreed that would be more “gorgeous and sensational” and suggested she had about 20 minutes left to do it. 😉

For background, other posts she’s pictured in around here:

Her last known natural hair color, in a cut I remember thinking at the time was stunningly cute and stylish for a young mom.   And, to the right, another look that she calls “something in between”.

In my view, my sister has always super photogenic and fabulous. Pop over, take a look at her pictures, and share your suggestions.

And be thinking about joining us in blogging our comebacks!

  4 Responses to “Beth Before”

  1. Come along and join us, ladies! It will be fun. Now, surely, someone has some advice for me…

  2. The picture of us together is cute. 🙂

  3. I love the darker hair colour of the pic with the shortest hair – plus I like the cut – it’s modern and funky.

    Be careful about going too dark – you night not be able to go as dark as you were when you were a child, but a couple of shades darker is always possible.

    The best way to figure out how dark (or what shade of hair dye) to go with, is to hold the hair colour samples up agains your forehead and look in a mirror, see if the colour ‘fits’ with your skin tone (which changes over the years) or looks odd or harsh against it.

    I can’t wait to see your after photos!

  4. […] Beth before, as seen in this previous post. […]

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