Nov 012007

Defining the personal style idiom is as much about “don’t”s as it is about “do”s. And in my idiom a black coat is a “don’t”. One, I can’t bear to look like everyone else. Two, black is boring. And three, it just doesn’t look that good on me.

iconMy personal strategy for staying current is to identify emerging styles which are both classic and flattering. While I find neutral trousers work well, I prefer a coat in a more unique color. Like aubergine. Or a basic. Like red.

This Tulle Big Button Coaticon comes in 7 colors: Black, Blueberry, Chili Pepper (pictured), White Smoke, Blackberry ( a gorgeous purple), Charcoal, and Midnight.

If red is fabulously flattering on you, what more practical choice could there be for a winter coat?

  9 Responses to “The Red Coats Are Coming!”

  1. I love red coats! And emerald green. (But not worn together.)

    Tip: Orange is supposed to be trendy next Fall, according to Infomat. So if you look good in orange, grab one now! Think Audrey Hepburn in Charade.

  2. I was just admiring and craving this red coat today, though I don’t know anything about it.

  3. well, actually it seems to be Calvin Klein and, when I enlarge it, too tomato/orange for me but I would love a slim darker red walker coat

  4. I love the red coat (but then again, as you know, I’m a red girl)-but I’m sad that you would think that the black wool peacoat that I thrifted last year (Jones NY!!) was boring 🙁

  5. Love that coat! But…I have no real need for it… That’s one of the bummers about where I live…we miss out on all of the cool winter/fall accessories!

  6. Ha ha, I just got your pun. pretty funny!

  7. I love red coats. Guess has surprisingly had many cute red coats this season…I’m waiting for them to go on sale though!

  8. Red is fabulously flattering on me, and I need a new coat. This will definitely be a consideration (well, not this particular coat, because I don’t think that the cut will work on me, but red in general.

  9. I love RED! I can grab out my Red Coach Bag! Yay!

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