Aug 202007

This is a re-run from March of 2006. 

In many of our lives, it simply doesn’t make sense to own alot of dresses. Considering cost per wear, you may, like me, be motivated to get by with as few as possible. I do think it can be done with one; but maybe not the one you think.

I realize there are geographical differences of opinion, certainly if you live in New York feel free to use black, but in many areas you still risk hurting a bride’s feelings if you wear black to her wedding. (I’m looking for a little back-up from you southern belles; most people around here look at me strangely when I suggest black is not appropriate wedding guest apparel.)

In any case, there are options. For a one-dress wardrobe, a seasonless dark, solid or print, with a summer sleeve (for me that is none) is ideal. Something simple and elegant, to be worn with pumps and a jacket in the winter and with sandals in the summer.

Having one go-everywhere dress on-hand doesn’t mean I’m required to wear it to every event, it simply means I am not required to do emergency shopping.

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  3. […] One simple day-time dress, at most two (one for weddings, one for funerals), is all I really need. When the dress I had died my frugal dress hunt began. This recent score will fill the bill quite nicely! […]

  4. Yes.. like a flowy deep sapphire jersey-knit knee-length dress with a long bow down the front like what Carrie Bradshaw wore on the cruise boat and ran into Mr. Big? 😛 (Can you tell I’ve been obsessing about that dress?!)

    I’d buy that dress in a heartbeat, or its cousin if I could find it.

  5. I can’t imagine being upset if someone wore black to a wedding! In fact, for my wedding in May, my bridesmaids are even wearing black, and I imagine most of the guests will, too.

  6. What good timing. I fell in love with a dress at Macy’s last week, and will probably go back to try it on this week. It is a deep grey print, crepe, with gathered scoop neck and cap sleeves. It has a cumberbund made from the same material. Mid calf length. The possibilities seem endless (alone, with a shrug, with a structured jacket, with a sweater and tights, etc. etc.)

  7. A wrap dress works well too, although poly knits can be overly warm in the summer. Your new pink dress is great for that! 🙂 Although I think I’d want a LBD too, because sometimes a LBD can go where a pink one can’t.

    I tend to agree with you on the “no black” at weddings – but with one caveat. I think black bridesmaids’ dresses look classy, and it offers them a chance to wear their dress again. Think the wedding scene from Spider-Man 2. Nothing inappropriate about the black dresses there!

  8. When I saw the title of your post, I thought that you were referring to this:

    I actually own about 3 dresses, none of which I have worn in the last 3 years. I am the one rooting around, trying to find something to wear to weddings. I rather like the idea of a single, great quality dress to wear. I think I need to find myself one.

    I have never heard of no black at weddings. I actually was the matron of honor in my best friend’s wedding and my dress was black. But then again, I’m a northerner!

  9. FB – can you find a picture of that dress? It sounds gorgeous! Unfortunately, since I don’t have a TV, I can’t say that I have seen it. But I’m sure you could go anywhere in it.

    Julie – I think black is very stylish and appropriate for bridesmaids, why not? It’s very formal-looking too. And it’s always appropriate for an evening wedding, even for guests. While I think most brides would agree with you and not be offended, I prefer not to take a chance. I also just plain prefer color to black. 🙂

    Beth – that dress sounds wonderful! You could totally wear that to ANY occasion!

    Oxanna – I agree it’s handy to have the LBD or equivalent on-hand. Recently we received several boxes of assorted stuff from my parents and grandmother including a gorgeous vintage LBD which FIT me. I’m excited to find an opportunity to wear it.

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  11. Ouch! I own exactly two dresses: both are black and have been worn to several weddings! Maybe it’s different in California?

  12. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

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